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In my early twenties & I like to network with influential people. I’m a social individual. I’m a very insolent professional person and very determined to become extremely successful. I’m an entrepreneur & have tons of ideas to build businesses around. My people and I run the city; I’m the life of the party. A nice guy, very ethical. I surround myself with successful, etiquette, loyal and unique friends. I'm involved with the production of events. My adventures include Travel, Exercising, Working on my new BMW, Networking, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Marketing!

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Businessman, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Engineer, Friend, Family Member, Owner/Operator at "Essence of Design", CEO of "Young Nightlife", & CO-Owner/Operator of Denver Signs And Printing. I was born February 14, 1986, in Missoula, Montana. I Moved to Fort Collins Colorado at a young age With Mother Jodi Sterkel & Father Floyd Jr. Young. I Moved from Ft. Collins to Denver at the age of 8. I come from a comfortable, well-educated background. My father is a Project Manager in the Masonry field.

~My Story~


In 2007 I left the Corporate America cushioning; Employee atmosphere with an impetus of Motivation and began creating businesses. The first business that I started was "Young Nightlife" in early 2007. In June of 2008 I also CO-Founded "Essence of Design", while developing a plethora of interest in computers at an early age, forming a business based on computers & Software was essential to my later accomplishments and businesses. Together me and my Partner Jonathan Roseland went through up's and down's in the small business world but we always proceeded. in 2010 the Essence of Design Partnership was dissolved and Patrick Young began to grow the business on his own. Despite new interests, I always remain fascinated by computers and continued to work on developing new programs and growing my knowledge of them. I have become known for my talents within the computer world!

In Early 2010 I Became a partner at "Global Signs and Printing" a full service printing firm. we printed anything from business cards to billboards car wraps and more. we eventually had different ideas on the business direction and ended up splitting up in late 2011 around the period of time is when I created "New Year's Denver" a company that focuses on all the NYE activities in town breking them apart and translateing them to the average person that doesnt have easy acess to the infomation NewYearsDenver Is a NYE hub its the only website you need to know we make it a peice of cake to plan your New Years out!

In January of 2012 is when I decided to get back into printing for a 2nd time & I created "Denver Signs & Printing" and eventually up with partners Daniel Garza, Carlos Garza, & David Cowell. This company was a company that grew very rapidly engaging many new customers on a daily basis mostly through the means of the internet and our ability to rank on the first page of Google and Bing. In fall of 2012 I made it official that I was a worthy contender in the Halloween game by creating the Website "" and in conjunction with other marketing efforts sold out 2 large Halloween parties. Then approaching was NYE 13 was awakened for the second time but this time as an impetus force in this very special nitch category selling out 3 of our own NYE parities days before New Year's and selling hundreds of tickets for other new year's parties in town such as Decadence, White Rose Gala, Champagne Hotel, & NYE Block Party. That NYE became a deciding factor for new found goals and interests which led into my partnership with Ashraf Saad & the closure of Oasis Bar & Grill followed by the new opening of Patrick Young Horiz 17"Rumors Nightclub & Lounge" in January of 2013; from my experience I can say this; the bar business is unlike no other, it was both physically and mentally challenging. The bar & Nightclub business is a business that many believe to be an easy one but that is not the not the slightest bit true in my opinion especially in a bad economy. Rumors was closed and sold in August of 2013 When I created "Colorado LED Creations" landing me back to the drawing board and my creation of "Signs & Printing". This business was similar to Denver Signs & Printing using the same internet methods to attract business but not just for 1 single city but for many starting with Miami, Boston, Seattle, and Chicago with many more to come with a preliminary goal of conquering 25 cities by the end of 2014. Only problem was something like this would require a good amount of capital to get going efficiently and quickly which set me in search of investors and strategic partners to help get this bad boy off the ground with me. Then in September I brought on investor and partner Francisco Barron and other silent investors. In October of this year we are going to be responsible for introducing a new league of wide format printers to Denver and finally operational and off the ground.


Someday i hope to have prodigious businesses in many different industries.

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"You can do anything, but not everything."
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."
"We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."
"He, who knows, does not speak. He, who speaks, does not know."
“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” — Albert Einstein

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